Implementing webhooks

A webhook is a call from the platform to an outside service, often an API, that sends a request and receives a response.

Implementing webhooks into our agents can be done without writing any code and can expand the capabilities of your agent.

In our pizza demo, implementing webhook would be necessary if we want to send the user an SMS with their order number. In order to do this, we would need to use the Action “send_sms_to_caller”, to add in the parameters SMS_CONTENT and CALLER_NAME, and to paste the webhook URL in the Webook section

To implement the webhook in your agent, perform the following steps in the intents and

  1. In Action, enter send_sms_to_caller

  2. In Parameters, enter the parameters SMS_CONTENT and CALLER_NAME

  3. In Webhook, enter the URL

Now our agent will be able to send an SMS to our customers to let them know that their pizza is on the way. Delightful!