Accounts, Platforms and Pricing FAQ

How do I register for an account with

Registering for an account with is free and easy; you can sign up now through our website. If you are having trouble signing up for an account, please contact Have you had a chance to answer the previous question?

What is the platform?

The platform enables you to leverage's proprietary speech-to-text and natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms to design your own conversational agent, which you can deploy to any platform or device. The platform is built with both developers and non-developers in mind — non-developers will enjoy a user-friendly interface with modular agent add-ons, or skills, and developers will have access to a robust set of features that will allow for advanced customization.

What is the Developer platform?

The Developer platform allows developers to design and fully customize a conversational agent and integrate it into any telephony system or communication platform. You can create your own intents and entities to develop a conversational flow that fits a certain use case. You can even deploy these functionalities, or skills, to the Skill Store, for personal use in as many agents as you'd like or for use by other users.

What solutions does offer for Enterprise?

The team has used their combined experience in the telecom and technology industries to create a solution that truly fits an company's needs and addresses pain points felt by every organization. Our Voice AI agents have a wide variety of applications in every vertical, and our enterprise clients enjoy full technical support, custom feature development, and seamless integration with their existing communication systems.

How much does it cost to use in my organization?

Our Enterprise solution is priced based on the usage volume and specialized needs of the organization. Our representatives are experienced in identifying how our technology will solve your business problems - leave your contact details to have a representative reach out to discuss how can transform your organization.

Is the Developer Platform free to use?

Yes it is! We wanted to make Voice AI accessible to everyone, and the Developer Platform is a playground for developers to take advantage of a cutting-edge technology with unlimited possibilities. Register now for free.

Which languages does support?

At the moment, our technology supports English, German, and Hebrew, and we offer our services in the United States, Europe, and Israel. We have technical support teams and account managers who are native speakers in each of the languages we support, which enables us to provide the top tier service that our customers deserve.

Can I use in any country?

You are welcome to create an account and use our platform in any country. Each agent you create will be assigned a virtual phone number with an area code based on your geographical location. At the moment, we only provide virtual phone numbers with US area codes. Please contact us at for more details on support for other locations.

Can I suggest new features?

Please do! Our number one goal is to make yours and your users' experience the best it can possibly be — your feedback helps us understand your needs and continue to improve our technology. Feel free to send an email with any comments, suggestions, or ideas you have for We'd love to hear from you!

How can I report bugs or receive support?

The team is always ready to help our customers and users — please send us an email at to get in touch with us.